Our services...

Do you need somebody who can help train your staff, who can provide a lecture or help you with a specific problem with your birds... We can help! Our services includes on-site practical and theoretical know-how sharing as well as overall and honest assessments. 

We have special interest in supporting zoos which are dedicated to improving their standards and pursue sustainable population management.

  • Mentoring and advising management staff, developing standards and protocols
  • Navigating the zoo communities and making the most of the industry networks and resources 
  • Moderating workshops for developing internal protocols and establishing strategies
  • Compliance to shared ethical and regulation standards of indernational zoo associations
  • Teaching husbandry methods and techniques to staff
  • Moderating and advising on the development and implementation on internal institutional strategies and monitoring on topics of animal welfare strategies and animal collection planing
  • Monitoring and evaluation of staff performance 
  • Conservation strategies and reporting, project selection, technical support, fund-raising
  • Population management, studbook keeping, committee representation in the name of your institution
  • Supporting authorities, evaluation, species identification
  • Exhibit ideas and enclosure concepts involving birds. Species combinations and compatibility and innovative solutions
  • Implementation of story telling and education targets
  • Technical requirements, size requirements, staff resources, furnishing/equipment needs and management areas
  • Technical support on research projects involving animal husbandry or conservation questions  
  • We offer our advice, teaching staff, moderating workshops or fulfilling conservation or population management roles either on a contract- or as single consultant visits/lecture basis.

Full day on-site visits usually include complimentary follow-up of questions or other advice via Email or Skype to a reasonable amount.

Services are invoiced after a written report or a presentation new been submitted. Expenses include economy travel, accomodation and a agreed day fee.

(Please note that although we can assist your institution in expanding its network and accessing many resources the Bruslund BirdConsult does not under any circumstances provide service in animal acquisition or sourcing beyond those of accredited and coordinated breeding programmes)

Bruslund BirdConsult activities include projects with the following organizations (Stand 01.11.2021):

China: Chimelong Safari Park, Guangzhou Birds Park, Zhuhai Ocean Kingdom

Netherlands: Ouwehands Zoo

Germany: Neuwied Zoo, Max Planck Institute for Ornithology, Magdeburg Zoo, BNA, BdZ, Rostock Zoo 

Switzerland: Basel Zoo

Indonesia: KASI Foundation

Philippines: TALARAK Foundation

Italy: Parco Natura Viva

Denmark: Ree Park, University of Southern Denmark

Please contact us for further information