Bruslund BirdConsult

On-site practical advice:

We provide full day and on-site services on-site trouble shooting, analysis and targeted solution priorities.

- Staff training and mentoring with practical lessons on site

- Practical keepers training, methodology and troubleshooting

- Evening lecture setting and/or workshops 

- Focus on specific subjects or certain species on request

- Exhibit and education concepts and species collection planning

- Population management, record keeping and studbook keeping

- Enrichment and animal welfare requirements


Lectures and Workshops:

We provide lectures and workshops about different themes around birds.

Lectures using PowerPoint and videos of duration between 30 – 90 minutes as well as full day interactive and moderated workshops. Lectures can be internal for staff or public for societies or students as required.    

- Husbandry Management, species specific requirements

- Reproduction management, artificial insemination, artificial Incubation and rearing techniques

- Collection Planning

- Conservation support and planning, organization representation

- Animal training, medical and management training

- Enclosure design

- Preventive medicine, hygiene concerns, pest control

Animal Training:

Training is communication between animal and trainer. Training always happen when you interact with the animal. The right way of training can make the live together easier. We demonstrate how to do it in a practical and successful way and follow-up on your progress.

- Teaching teams to train birds for educative presentations

- Training plans, communication and internal evaluation

- Medical training

- Training for daily management, shifting and transfers

We analyse your problems and provide solution oriented advice